HIgher Life Conference South Africa day 1 Notes

Here are the notes guys u all can thank me later (shout out to my sis Lyn for emailing them to me)

HLC _SA Day 1

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 

It’s the higher life in Christ  Is the such a thing???
It’s just not a title , we call it that because its real
You will never be the same after this three days .

Our purpose is to communicate the word to you so you can leave here a victorious Christian
Make an effort to listen
Every Christian has heard about Jesus ,some more than others
That he was born of a virgin ,  he was the only the only one the first and the last … raised from the dead ascended into the sky

Where is he ???
Is he in heaven, is he coming back …
Why do you believe in Jesus ?is it because that’s what every body believes is it because people have made it so religiously  , it’s not about everybody… why are you a Christian???
The is a Christian life , the is a way of life
Until you answer all this questions you cannot live the Christian life you have come into

Do you know who Jesus is ?? His a creator of the world , he made you

GOD that’s English
God gave South Africa the best let beautiful things come of this country because you are beautiful , nobody comes here without falling in love with this county
Genesis 1:26
God has given man authority
It brings a question replenish ???
What replenish ,subdue????
That means something had gone wrong and men had been given responsibility to fix it

Tonight we are going beyond a level of talking about the devil
God gave man the world but man messed up
Genesis 3:1-3
You find a story there
Adam had male  and female characteristics, the was no good enough companion for Adam ., so God decided to fix that problem

God wanted a solution to help men , to save them
God’s dream  for men to have the life and nature of God

We helping Christian understand that we are taken to something much higher , we are of the second Adam ( Jesus christ)not the first Adam

Beautiful part of the bibles
Matthews 3:10-17
After this conference you will understand no weapon fashioned against you
The was a man named John the barbtized a Levites , his father was Zachariah
John  a Levites layer his hands on Jesus on is about to take priesthood
To love Christianity you have to understand it…
Take the Actions that we take , the steps that we take, you will be a straight  A in life
If you not righteous  you cannot have eternal life
Romans 3:10-12
Isaiah 53:4:
Isaiah sees a vision nod report it according o what he saw
Leviticus 16:1:
Uncleanness: the fact that you are you, you have to give an offering
A new term has been introduced : scapegoat
Matthew 8:17
1peter 2:24-
Matthew 3:14-16
Matthew 4:1
Jesus is standing before John to get barbtised  it’s about opportunity
The Holy Spirit is God , never replace him with any shape, form or dove
The way A dove looks its the way it descents , his not a dove,
What does he look like , he looks like you .
Another one that is exactly like you
Jesus Christ came to fulfil God ‘s dream… He came as a Sin bearer
If you don’t believe in Christ , what do you believe in???
He went beyond the clouds his the only one ,It was not a vision the were there….you can only go to heaven through the one who knows his way there Jesus…the one that you know and you know is alive today
The were witnesses who saw him , who ate and drank with him,
That’s the hope of Christianity that his alive .
We can never struggle for holiness  in life , he has made us holy
See why we are Christians , I will tell it everywhere I will preach it everywhere.
He who promise is faithfully
If you knew what was in the bible everyday would be a day of Joy
It stirs you from the inside
1corinthians 2:11  -14
If you don’t know him you will be trying to become who you are
You can only understand spiritual things from the spirit

Romans 10:9
Only two things required
Confess with your mouth
Believe that God raise him from the dead
That’s all it takes then salvation is yours



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